hypnosis photo1Change Your Life With Self Hypnosis

Most of us feel we have the power to change our lives. Many see themselves only as eternal passengers in life’s journey, never in control of their own destiny or fate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

With the power of self hypnosis, changes in lifestyles or habits can happen, and they can happen in the comfort of someone’s own home. People have the power to change themselves, and self hypnosis is a mighty tool for making that change a reality.

Self-Hypnosis or autosuggestion is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration, (trance), with the willingness to follow instructions (suggestibility).

Overcoming Addictions Through Self Hypnosis

There are many temptations in the world at large, and many of them are harmful and addictive. Overcoming these addictive things in life can be very difficult. Constant temptation, chemical responses and habits can all lead to failure after failure when trying to give up something that has become addictive. There is hope, though. A person’s brain is a powerful instrument, but it isn’t an instrument that cannot be tuned or fixed. By using self hypnosis, many of life’s problems can be tackled.

Self Hypnosis And Positive Reinforcement

Self-hypnosis methods or repetitive, constant self-affirmations, and may be seen as a form of self-induced brainwashing. The acceptance of autosuggestion may be quickened through mental visualization of that which the individual would like to believe. Its success is typically correlated with the consistency of its use and the length of time over which it is used. Autosuggestion can be seen as an aspect of prayer, self-exhorting "pep talks", meditation, and other similar activities.

Self hypnosis can be used for much more than negative reinforcement to overcome problems. By using positive reinforcement techniques, a person can learn to be happier, more productive and more self confident. Positive reinforcement when used in conjunction with self hypnosis can become a powerful tool for positive change and personal empowerment.

While self hypnosis is a powerful tool, it is not an all powerful one, and you may find it difficult to always achieve the results you want. Should it fail to help, finding a properly trained hypnotist can add to the effects and benefits of hypnosis. And should it help, make sure to contact a doctor before giving up other forms of treatment that you are currently undergoing.

Anyone who has ever struggled to lose weight knows that eating can be a terrible addiction, as strong as any other. People often suggest that the overweight merely stop eating, but eating causes senses of euphoria in many people, senses that can become addictive to the brain. Smoking and drinking are also addictive and harmful, and anyone who has become hooked on either one knows the difficulties in giving them up. Learning and practicing self hypnosis can help a person battle the urges and cravings that lead to failure and relapse. Gambling can also be an addiction, and with the proper use of self hypnosis, it too can be overcome.


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